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Academic Model

Esquema de Niveles

The Educational Model of LiberQuaré has three attributes

  • Dynamic
  • Flexible
  • Personalized

With this we ensure that you acquire your skills in a similar way in which you communicate and take advantage of the resources offered by the Internet. Therefore, this model is constantly evolving, and it will be transformed in the same way that it occurs in this society thirsty for knowledge.

Our Model is focused on:

  • • The students and their learning experiences.

In order to acquire and strengthen your skills, you will be accompanied by your personal advisor who will facilitate you your learning process of concepts and procedures, while seeking to inspire you in the attitudinal area throughout your learning process.

This model powers not only your self-learning skills, essential in online environments, but also your participation and collective construction of learning, thus promoting the interdisciplinarity and the cooperative and collaborative learning by using teaching strategies that will achieve the skills that allow you to solve problems or deal with situations in both your professional and social environments.

The process of evaluation of the evidence you present during your training, to feedback progress or achievement of your learning, gives an added value to our model, since it values knowledge, performance and successful products through your learning experiences.

Learning Methodology

All the learning methodology focuses on the student. (Therefore you will have a program guide of the subjects and the weekly programming of the same, with training activities to perform personalized according to your style of learning and organization of activities and times, to the correct and timely presentation of the evidence at present that will be evaluated).

This methodology has two extremely important academic pillars: the expert professors of the University and a tutor or personal advisor, which will be your facilitator of learning throughout the course. Will advise you in the preparation of the customized plan of academic organization and will track the progress in the delivery of evidence of learning and achievement of your skills and at the same time advising you in all what is necessary.

In each of the subjects you will have the help of teachers who are responsible for the following training activities:

  • Virtual classroom: taught in real time by teachers of different subjects on aspects of the curriculum.
  • Tutorials: attention individual doubts and/or group, according to a program and known calendar.
  • Discussion forums: moderated by the teacher of the subject in which all students will be able to intervene or to contribute ideas.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the experiences of learning through the evidence presented.
  • • Realization and evaluation of evidence of knowledge (theoretical tests), performance (videos of performances or demos) and tangible products (reports of analysis of video material, reports, etc.).

The WBC through the LiberQuaré University establishes partnerships with other universities and higher instances of teaching and research, in order to reinforce its educational-research offer