How to be a boxing coach in Mexico?

Among contact sports, boxing is one of the most popular with around 7 million boxers around the world, with athletes who go into the ring every day to practice their punches, their footwork and improve their technique. That is why there are specialized trainers in every boxing academy.

Among its functions is coordinating the physical preparation of the young people who train to achieve their goals, in addition to transmitting the bases and fundamentals of the sport, showing them the correct technique, and developing it, as well as teaching about the importance of nutrition.

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Boxing trainer certificate

Obviously, the first step to be able to exercise as a boxing coach is to have experience in the world of boxing, whether professional or amateur, the latter being the most common. This way you will learn first-hand the tools that will guide your students, which you acquired in your time as an apprentice.

One of the requirements, like any professional, to be able to practice as a boxing trainer if you plan to work in a boxing academy, gym or in a regulated and legal manner is to obtain the title of BOXING TRAINER, which certifies your knowledge, skills, and competitions to train more people in this sport.

What are the requirements to get my certificate?

At WBC University, different courses are available, which do not have any type of special requirement to start the learning process. The only requirement to achieve certification and be able to practice professionally is to conclude with a passing grade equal to or greater than 80 points.

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