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The world boxing Council was born on 14 February 1963 in the city of Mexico, initially created by 11 countries: United States, Argentina, England, France, Mexico, Philippines, Panama, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, and Brazil. Its main founders were Mexicans Luis Spota and Professor Ramón. G. Velásquez, who were Presidents of the Council of world boxing, as well as Onslow Fane, of England and the Philippine Justiniano Montaño.

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This was done thanks to the support of the former President of Mexico Adolfo López Mateos, who was a huge fan to the sport of fists.

In 1975 it became President of the Agency José Sulaimán Chagnón, who was in office for close to four decades. Beginning in 2014, Mr. Mauricio Sulaimán, by a unanimous vote, won the Presidency, which successfully leads up to today.

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Some prominent actions that has held the WBC, helping to revolutionize and humanize the boxing are:

  • The reduction of the duration of regular fights from 15 to 12 rounds
  • The mandatory official weigh-in 24 hours before the fights
  • The creation of intermediate divisions
  • Pre weigh-ins of 30 and 7 days before a match
  • The ring of four strings
  • Glove with thumb attached
  • After each sanctioned fight doping tests
  • Donations to UCLA for research
  • Monitoring of medical tests for champions and classified examinations