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Embrace boxing, as well as protect the health and well-being of all boxers, above any interest, always promoting our values: integrity, loyalty, justice and respecting the social commitment that supports our history and reputation, values that keep us as world leaders in our sport.


WBC strengthens its leadership and prestige at the global level, its rules, technological innovations and philosophy are adopted by all countries, even of other sports.

The green and gold belt is the only trophy that all boxers recognize and aspire to achieve. Amateur boxing and women's branch have achieved an expansion of extraordinary also under WBC rules that protect its integrity and values of our sport.


Loyalty: Do not engage in activities that may lead to an unbalanced competition, to be considered conflict of interest or put at a disadvantage situation to any participant.

Justice: To ensure that anyone who is part of boxing is been treated with equality and respect in their rights, regardless of their economic status or their influence over the decisions that the WBC take.

Integrity: Reject any compromise that goes against justice and honesty in the ring, offices or the gym. Report any act of corruption at any time or place where it is detected.

Equality: The WBC should promote equal rights in boxing, at all times, always acting impartial, honest and fair.

No discrimination:Reject any type of discrimination on the basis of race, nationality or region and strongly confront those who practice it.


Name Position Location Email
Mauricio Sulaimán WBC President Mexico
Gabriel Gonzalez Executive Director Mexico
Victor Silva Subdirector Mexico
Abel Gonzalez Treasurer Miami USA
Robert Lenhardt Secretary General & Executive Special Counsel Texas USA
Alberto A. León Vice President/Chief Legal Counsel Mexico
Tere Flores President's Secretary Mexico
Victor Cota Leon History Communications and Statistics Director Mexico
Federico Enriquez Press and Protocol Director Mexico
Jose A. Arreola Memebership Gral. Manager México
Ernesto Lopez Accountant Mexico
Tito González World Title Fights Coordinator Mexico
Alberto Arias Systems Manager Mexico
Ernesto De Saro Amaya Logistic and General Services Mexico
Alain Mauricio Flores Official Merchandise and Art Director Mexico
Juan Carlos Manzano Archive Administrator Mexico