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In consistence with what was been said, the mission of LiberQuaré University is:

Form, through a learning model highly innovative, professionals with a high level of specialization, proving opportunities to many people throughout their lives.

Contribute for change and improvement of people and society with an international presence, especially in the Ibero-American Nations community, and with the conviction that education and culture may constitute instruments of change and development

Promote the change and the collaboration with other Universities, institutions, companies and civil society. For that, it stablish international alliances that enable the use of resources and the collaboration of the learning process and the stewardship of qualifications.

Join a team of professionals from various countries with high specialization in their respective areas of knowledge, and committed to each one of the students, that offer a quality university training in education, and promote an education that guarantees:

 - Personalize Learning;

 - Technologic Leadership that enable interaction and collaborative work;

 - Lines of academic research which guarantee sustainable parameters and quality;

 - The dissemination, transfer and valorization of the knowledge at the service of culture, economic development and social improvement in the contexts in which it is present.


In function of that, University LiberQuaré visualize (VISION) as a private higher education institution, consolidate, confident because of their efficiency and honesty, widely recognized for the quality of its curriculum, which integrates and articulates its academic bodies functions and the certification of its administrative processes, whose direct benefit is the integral formation of their graduates, responsible with your environment and competent internationally.

In the same way, University LiberQuaré commitment to training based on principles, ethical and committed to the development of the following values (VALUES AND ATTITUDES):


Quality: It strives to achieve excellence, as a culture, the training activity taking maximum care of the academic rigor of their curricula and utmost on the effectiveness of the services it provides.

Innovation: Commitment to innovation in the teaching-learning process and the institutional dynamics, promoting entrepreneurial initiatives, promoting creativity, and paying special attention to emerging technologies.

Diversity: It accepts and promotes the functional and cultural pluralism while respecting differences as a condition to overcome the barriers and thus enable them to all learning.

Honesty: It promotes coherent and sincere behavior always privileging the respect for the truth so the person reaches a harmonic relationship with himself and with others.


Name Position Email
Xochitl Lagarda Burton SOGAL EDUCACIÓN S.C.
Council President
Joaquín Dosíl Díaz Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
Rubén Domínguez Domínguez Academics
Gabriela Amador Figueroa School Services
Rafael Borbón Enríquez Information Technologies (IT)
Gilvert Verdugo Castillo Information Technologies (IT)